Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#032. The 5 Most Overlooked Skills of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Expert

5 skills you must know to rock your salesforce marketing cloud projects
Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#016. 5 Productivity Hacks for SFMC

In today’s issue, I’m sharing 5 Productivity Hacks that can save you hours of manual tasks, testing, or just searching for assets. I’ve been working on Salesforce Marketing Cloud for years … and when it comes to fast delivery, you need Tools, Methods, and Discipline. Let’s dive in! #1 Package Manager If you’re working with...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#005. 4 Tools for Better, Faster Delivery (all Free!)

Let’s make it clear: it’s nearly impossible to stand out as an Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert if you’re using only standard features. How do you stand out? Quality Time-to-Deliver That’s what high daily rates should imply. Great Professional = Skillset + Toolset Every professional comes with his own “weaponry”… However, whereas you will build some...


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