#041. My Recipe for Innovation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Hey Smart Marketers!

Thanks to you, I’ve launched my 4th app on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

There are also half a dozen Salesforce Marketing Cloud customers that use features I designed just for their special needs.

I strongly believe this ecosystem needs the community to bring on innovations to keep ahead of competitors.

But how?

#1 Map the product capabilities

To begin the innovation process, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the existing product’s capabilities. Evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, and areas with untapped potential.

#2 Streamline Pains

Every product has pain points or areas where customers encounter difficulties or frustrations. Innovation lies in addressing these pain points effectively.

A good example of an innovation related to SFMC pains is DESelect Segment.

#3 Extend Features

One of the most effective ways to bring innovation to an existing product is by extending its features. Consider the evolving needs and expectations of your target audience.

This could involve integrating emerging technologies, improving the user interface, enhancing performance, or incorporating advanced analytics.

This is exactly what I did with TikTok AdZ.

#4 Extend the Product

Beyond feature enhancements, consider how you can extend the product itself. Think beyond the core offering and explore complementary products or services that can enhance the overall user experience.

Saleswings is this kind of product.

#5 Extend Business Needs

Innovation should not be limited to the product itself but should extend to your overall business strategy. Identify emerging market trends, shifts in consumer behavior, or technological advancements that could impact SFMC.

Salesforce did this with SFMC Personalization.

If you have an idea and don’t know where to start, feel free to reach out!

See you next week!

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