Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#017. 3 ways to reach out to the Salesforce marketers community

Today I want to praise the most valuable asset brought by Salesforce… the Salesforce community. Unlike other Software vendors that relied on Partners to create events and user groups, Salesforce introduced the #Ohana from the beginning. Giving early adopters space to thrive, learn and connect. Today there are thousands of communities. Official and Unofficial. Online...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#006. 5 steps to become THE Subject Matter Expert

If you want to be recognized, be hunted or bill high rates, being a Subject Matter Expert on a hot topic might be the ultimate way to achieve your goals. With this in mind, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a very wide range of topics where one can thrive and build a successful career. Unfortunately, most...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#004. Anatomy of a Great SFMC LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profiles are the new Resume. Whatever the job, the recruiter will have a look at your LinkedIn Profile. If you mentioned Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s likely that headhunters look at yours every single day. What do they see 99% of the time? The exact same list of certifications. The same list of SFMC Studios....


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