Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#057. Crafting the Perfect DF2U: Maximize Your Post-Dreamforce Gains

Unlock Post-Dreamforce Success: Craft the Perfect DF2U Event to Elevate Your Salesforce Game. Learn how to deliver critical analysis and exclusive insights for maximum impact.
Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#017. 3 ways to reach out to the Salesforce marketers community

Today I want to praise the most valuable asset brought by Salesforce… the Salesforce community. Unlike other Software vendors that relied on Partners to create events and user groups, Salesforce introduced the #Ohana from the beginning. Giving early adopters space to thrive, learn and connect. Today there are thousands of communities. Official and Unofficial. Online...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#006. 5 steps to become THE Subject Matter Expert

If you want to be recognized, be hunted or bill high rates, being a Subject Matter Expert on a hot topic might be the ultimate way to achieve your goals. With this in mind, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a very wide range of topics where one can thrive and build a successful career. Unfortunately, most...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#004. Anatomy of a Great SFMC LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profiles are the new Resume. Whatever the job, the recruiter will have a look at your LinkedIn Profile. If you mentioned Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s likely that headhunters look at yours every single day. What do they see 99% of the time? The exact same list of certifications. The same list of SFMC Studios....


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