#047. 4 Key Competitors Salesforce Marketing Cloud Should Keep an Eye On

Hey Smart Marketers!

Did you know there are other Marketing Automation platforms out there?

Salesforce is leading the pack… but as professionals, we should be aware of competition and what differentiators they have.

I’d like to keep this summer editions short, so I focused on 4 competitors here… but there are lots of rising stars out there.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Twilio – The Customer Data Powerhouse

Let’s face it: with Segment, Twilio may have the best Customer Data Platform on the market.

In my point of view, it offers the largest combination of Data Sources and Destinations and robust data collection, unification, and segmentation capabilities.

There’s also the acquisition of SendGrid that strengthens Twilio’s position as a comprehensive customer engagement platform.

#2 Adobe Experience Platform – The Content Master

Adobe Campaign is well-known for Campaign Management, Customer Segmentation and Personalization. You can add Journey Optimizer to orchestrate Customer Journeys.

Amongst other products, you’ll also find a robust Customer Data Platform and Generative AI capabilities through Sensei GenAI.

The marketing suite is quite impressive but the main strength when it comes to Adobe is the integration with the content offer. Imagine using Firefly in your Marketing Emails!

#3 Braze – The Customer Engagement Maestro

Braze is a comprehensive B2C marketing automation platform known for its advanced customer engagement capabilities.

It offers personalized messaging across multiple channels, including email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. With its strong focus on customer engagement and retention, Braze is the fastest growing competitor for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the one you’ll face the most.

#4 Klaviyo – The Behavioral Marketing Guru

Klaviyo is also a rapidly growing B2C marketing automation platform specializing in email and SMS marketing.

First known as a Shopify app, it excels in leveraging customer behavior and preferences to deliver highly targeted and personalized experiences.

Klaviyo has very decent segmentation capabilities, but its main strength comes from integrations with popular e-commerce platforms, and its data-driven approach.

Closing words

Generative AI is changing tech landscape and I’m not sure what will happen within a year from now.

However, I think these 4 are here to last.

See you next week!

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