#042. 3 Take-aways from Salesforce Connections 23

Hey Smart Marketers!

I’m jet-lagged, tired, empty… and pumped, happy and excited!

It was awesome to meet some of you last week! Mark your calendar for next year!

A few days later, I wanted to give my take on what I saw regarding Salesforce Marketing Products…

#1 AI is the new UI

Sarah Franklin said during the Main Keynote “AI is the new UI”. That is so true.

AI has emerged as the new interface, revolutionizing the way we interact with machines and technology.

Gone are the days of traditional user interfaces that required explicit commands and specific input methods.

AI has opened up a world where machines can understand and respond to human language. Soon gestures and maybe even emotions.

The rise of AI as the new UI means a shift towards a more natural and human-centered interaction paradigm, enhancing our digital experiences and shaping the future of technology and project management.

#2 Salesforce GPT

Einstein GPT.

Commerce GPT.

Marketing GPT.

Creates pretty much everything.

Generative AI is like magic, but I also heard:

  • “Data” (like 10,000 times!)
  • “Data Privacy”
  • “Data Sharing”
  • “Data Retention”
  • “Your Data”

And so there is the underlying biggest challenge: how to leverage data with AI without breaking Trust. Trust with Brands. Trust with Brands’ Customers.

We’ll probably know more soon.

#3  No SFMC Engagement screen during any Keynote

I didn’t see Email Studio.

I saw Marketing GPT.

I didn’t see Data Extensions.

I saw Marketing GPT.

I didn’t see Journey Builder.

I saw Marketing GPT. A flow in Marketing GPT.

A few weeks ago I made a meme about SFMC UI.

Are we heading towards a Classic-Lightning-like migration for Salesforce Marketing Stack?

From SFMC to Marketing GPT?

I love these events because you end up with more questions than answers… and I love making bets!

See you next week!

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