Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#037. The 8 Best Trailhead modules for Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers

8 trailhead modules for every new Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer.
Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#026. 6 Resources to support your Journey Builder Workflow

Hey Smart Marketers! Now you’ve got a great Marketing Automation software to support your marketing efforts… You can create wonderful customer experiences through personalized and wisely orchestrated communications… But sometimes you need a little help. First, to design the journey! And maybe also with copy? How about Previews? There are dozens of tools that can...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle of marketers and consultants!

#022. 5 AmpScript functions every SFMC user should know!

Hey Smart Marketers! I told you last week that Nobody needs a Query but that doesn’t mean you should ignore anything related to coding or scripting… Even if you’re not a developer, you should be able to handle simple use cases with AmpScript. To get you started on this topic, I selected 5 AmpScript functions...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#007. My 5 favorite blogs to unlock SFMC features

SFMC can be frustrating. Of course, there are things you didn’t learn yet. But you may take every possible Class… Virtual or not… And still miss something. Some answers are hard to find. Some topics are not covered in the vendor documentation. However, a handful of blogs can take you further on the path of...
Stand out in SFMC's jungle

#005. 4 Tools for Better, Faster Delivery (all Free!)

Let’s make it clear: it’s nearly impossible to stand out as an Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert if you’re using only standard features. How do you stand out? Quality Time-to-Deliver That’s what high daily rates should imply. Great Professional = Skillset + Toolset Every professional comes with his own “weaponry”… However, whereas you will build some...


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