#037. The 8 Best Trailhead modules for Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers

Hey Smart Marketers,

Sure, there are tons of knowledge spread amongst the community… but Trailhead remains the first stop to learn new things.

If you’re willing to become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement Developer, I curated for you the 8 best modules available in Trailhead: covering everything from email and mobile marketing to automation and personalization.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, these modules will help you improve your Marketing Cloud expertise and take your campaigns to the next level.

#1 Marketing Cloud Developer Basics

This module is an introduction to developers’ tools in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

It’s a quick tour about:

  • SFMC Programmatic Languages

You’ll get to know how a Marketing Cloud account is structured and how to create a package.

The final unit would be your first API.

#2 Automation Studio Activities

What’s the point of having a marketing automation tool if you do not automate tasks?

Automation Studio helps Marketing Cloud users automate queries, exports or API requests.

As an SFMC developer, this module will help you learn about Automation Studio activities, how to run SQL queries, how to trigger automations and how to troubleshoot your automated events.

#3 Marketing Cloud APIs

Some would say there’s nothing you can’t do using Marketing Cloud APIs.

This module will introduce you to Marketing Cloud REST and SOAP APIs.

When to use REST APIs. What you can do in Marketing Cloud apps.

How to use SOAP APIs with your emails.

In the last unit, you’ll find interesting links to expand your knowledge.

#4 Content Builder Block SDK

Your email marketers keep asking for the same use-case over and over when building their emails?

Does It seem like something is missing in your content block library?

Create your own custom Content Block!

This module is all about how you can Build, Test and Deploy a Custom Content Block.

#5 Marketing Cloud Programmatic Languages

You’re probably already familiar with AmpScript.

What about Server-Side JavaScript?

What do you know about GTL?

In this module, you’ll get to know about programmatic languages you can use with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

#6 AMPscript Solutions

Now what about a deep dive in your preferred personalization solution: AMPscript?

This module will guide you from simple personalization, to using math functions as well as loops or lookups.

You’ll also learn about some best practices.

#7 Interactive Content using AMP for Email

Don’t confuse AMPscript which is specific to Marketing Cloud with AMP for Email which is an open-source web component framework.

If you want to add real-time updates or interactivity to your emails, the latter will be of the greatest help.

#8 Custom Activities in Journey Builder

Cherry on the cake!

Did you know you can build your own Custom Activities in Journey Builder?

What for?

Imagine the brand owns a proprietary channel. Or you want to record specific logs regarding your customer journeys.

This is how you can do it.

Hope this helps you.

See you next week!

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