#017. 3 ways to reach out to the Salesforce marketers community

Today I want to praise the most valuable asset brought by Salesforce… the Salesforce community.

Unlike other Software vendors that relied on Partners to create events and user groups, Salesforce introduced the #Ohana from the beginning. Giving early adopters space to thrive, learn and connect.

Today there are thousands of communities.

Official and Unofficial.

Online and Offline.

Besides all the free knowledge provided on Trailhead, the community is the biggest source for practical answers.

So… If new to SFMC, where do I find my peers?

#1 The Trailblazer Community

This is the Hub.

You can access the Trailblazer Community through Trailhead.

This is the place where you can ask questions. Find answers.

This is also where you get to help others. Remember the best way to learn something is to teach it.

Pick up a few questions and try and find a solution, that’s a wonderful way to learn new things.

When you join the Trailblazer Community, I strongly recommend joining the Marketing Cloud Group.

Additionally, you should join your Local Marketer Group.

There are nearly 100 of them. Some are inactive though.

If there’s no Local Group, register with the nearest to understand how it works and … launch yours!

#2 Social Networks

You probably heard about this very newsletter on LinkedIn or Twitter…

Social Networks can also be a source of knowledge… quite different from the Trailblazer Community.

Whereas you’ll find more details in the TC, Public Social Networks offer more of a Top-Down approach.

You can follow SFMC Content Creators like me for daily tips or point-of-views, but there are fewer interactions and details on a post.

If you don’t, follow Guilda Hilaire on LinkedIn and Twitter.

However, on LinkedIn, I recommend you join Salesforce Marketing Cloud groups. The posts are more focused. Half job search-related and half about features and issues.

For end-users, you can join Salesforce Marketing Cloud users (6K+ members). For developers, make sure to be part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers Group (12K+ members).

There are also Slack Communities with very talented people and mentors.

For end-users, I’d also recommend Emails Geeks and for consultants HowtoSFMC.

#3 Events

There are dozens of Salesforce-related events… and I believe the deepest connections require IRL gatherings.

As a marketer, I think the event nobody should miss is Connections. This event is Dreamforce little brother and focuses on Marketing and Commerce ONLY.

It takes place once a year. Probably in Chicago from now on. Around June.

So, book a couple of days in the windy city in 2023, and you’ll see me there.

Regarding Salesforce Events, Dreamforce and your local World Tour provide several insightful sessions. You can attend online with Salesforce+.

With a focus on Marketing, there are 2 Community events you don’t want to miss if you can manage to attend.

The first is digital. It’s Mardreamin’, organized by Sercante. You can view past sessions on the website.

The second took place in Jaïpur last month: MC2.

Other community events, usually called Dreamin’, are also trying to make room for marketing but check the program first… a lot are “Core”-focused.

Closing words

Careers are all about the network. Salesforce eco-system offers so many ways to connect. Do not hesitate. Go out there and make friends!

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