#038. 5 signs you should quit your current SFMC job

Hey Smart Marketers!

Working in the wonderful world of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be exciting, a bit scary, but it should also be rewarding.

And there may come a point when you start to question if your current SFMC job is still the right fit for you.

If questions start arising, here are 5 signs you should consider a move.

#1 No promotion in the past 2 years

Let’s say you have consistently demonstrated your skills, dedication, and contribution to the organization, and yet you haven’t been recognized or given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities or a higher-level role.

Either you reached a plateau or the highway is crowded in front of you.

Anyway, without a promotion your earning potential is limited.

Your job should be offering clear paths for promotion and advancement, allowing you to continue progressing in your career.

#2 Nothing happens on Marketing Cloud

If you’re daily job evolved from journey building to automation monitoring beware.

SFMC is all about creating customer journeys and delivering personalized experiences. If you find that you haven’t created any new journeys in the past six months or have had very limited opportunities to do so in the last year, you lost your time.

With new use-cases comes new knowledge. New skills. And experience.

Maybe the company isn’t growing, or there’s some kind of external factors that could explain the lack of innovation, but the fact is: you can’t afford to stay still while others are running.

#3 No Drinks with Colleagues

If you find yourself rarely engaging in social activities outside of work hours, such as grabbing a drink with coworkers or participating in team-building events, maybe your workplace lacks the collaborative culture that we need to feel appreciated and keep motivated.

Social interactions are not just about having fun.

They play a crucial role in fostering relationships, building trust, and creating a positive work culture.

Sharing a drink or engaging in informal conversations with colleagues can lead to deeper connections, collaboration, and a sense of belonging within the team. It provides an opportunity to bond with coworkers, discuss ideas outside of formal settings, and strengthen professional relationships.

Ultimately this is how you build a strong professional network.

#4 Your last certification is on a cloud you don’t use.

Last month, you became an SFMC Personalization Accredited Professional.

Yet, there’s no short or long term project on this particular Cloud in your current job.

Well… maybe our work no longer resonates with your aspirations.

Maybe your long-term career goals are not aligned with your job.

You’re bored. Scrolling LinkedIn. Wandering on TrailHead. Grabbing some badges in the process… however, you’re just bored and waiting somebody to get you out of your cave.

Guess what: you shall do it yourself.

#5 You don’t hear your alarm clock anymore.

If you consistently find yourself sleeping through or ignoring your alarm clock, just face it, you’re not into it anymore.

The spark has faded.

If it’s hard for you to be on time even working from home, it’s time you reconsider your situation.

A good job shall give you purpose and motivation.

If you recognize any of these signs, take some time to set objectives and start hunting again.

See you next week!

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