#004. Anatomy of a Great SFMC LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profiles are the new Resume.

Whatever the job, the recruiter will have a look at your LinkedIn Profile.

If you mentioned Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s likely that headhunters look at yours every single day.

What do they see 99% of the time?

  • The exact same list of certifications.
  • The same list of SFMC Studios.
  • The same list of SFMC Builders.
  • A couple of bullet points listing SQL Queries, AmpScript, SSJS, HTML, and CSS as an all-in-one component.

That may be enough to get a few calls… but not the call you’re waiting for.

That is not how you stand out.

A great SFMC LinkedIn Profile should:

  • Showcase your expertise
  • Explain what you want to do and where you can help
  • Grow interest for your special skills

Before diving in, I want to thank Mateusz Dabrowski for allowing me to use his profile.

Let’s go!

1. Spend time on your banner

That’s the first thing people will see when they hit your profile.

Amongst SFMC Folks, I see a lot of empty banners.

A white front door.

Some will stop there and won’t even knock.

Give them a snapshot of what to expect!

Want the reader to head to your blog? Your personal website? Put them there!

Want the visitor to acknowledge your expertise? Put your credentials badges!

Want to be remembered? Showcase your personal brand!

Mateusz' banner on LinkedIn

2. Choose your headshot wisely

Are you just another Fraud? Or are you the Real Thing?

I know… it’s just a photo. Shouldn’t be used to judge a person.

Well, you know what?

Nowadays, people choose whom to date by swiping on the right or the left!

They’re looking for something in that pic.


Can they trust you?

Hire a photographer and look professional.

As for the look, the suit is not mandatory but try and reflect your personality.

3. Create a 3-level Tagline

That’s the 3rd thing people will see.

So far, you established a good amount of trust and expertise…

Don’t lose them now!

Mateusz chose to display:

  • Position & employer
  • Status in the Salesforce Community
  • Side project related to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Mateusz' tagline on LinkedIn

Why it matters?

In a matter of seconds, you know where he works and what he does, that he’s recognized amongst the community as an expert, and that he’s got a personal blog that showcases his particular skills.

The framework to follow is pretty simple:

  • Who you are
  • Social Proof (there are Marketers communities everywhere, join one and make a difference – I list a few in my first issue)
  • Your extra mile: your personal differentiator. It can be a blog, a portfolio, or a git but also a special skill or industry expertise.

4. Now it’s time to write!

The About section is where you give a snapshot of yourself. Just you. Not an experience at this company or another one.

This is where you write and this is the place where you tell what you know, want to do and who you are as a person.

Writing about ourselves is not an easy task.

Be straightforward:

  • What am I doing now?
  • What have I done?
  • What is my vision and what I am thriving for?
Mateusz' about section on LinkedIn

5. Be specific about your experiences

For certain positions, a recruiter will look for specific knowledge… or at least a sense that you’ll be able to manage.

Build you experiences description through use-cases:

Mateusz' experiences' description on LinkedIn

We’re talking about Email Translation App in the Travel Industry.

What a recruiter reads:

  • Custom development skills
  • Travel industry knowledge
  • SFMC API expertise
  • SFMC Email Studio and Content Builder expertise

And more important: you can see that our model has a deep understanding of the whole use-case from a business and tech view.

6. Credentials are important

Whatever has been said concerning Salesforce credentials, dumps, and so on. A good professional will hold credentials.

Showcase them.

In Salesforce Marketing Cloud magic world, there are not a lot of Certifications… that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out:

  • Get other Certifications that could be of use in the marketing field;
  • Showcase Accreditations on new Clouds;
  • Gain Credentials with ISV Partners.
Mateusz' credentials on LinkedIn

Other ways I can help you:

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