#057. Crafting the Perfect DF2U: Maximize Your Post-Dreamforce Gains

Hey Smart Marketers!

Dreamforce has just concluded and brought its fair share of innovation and inspiration.

Now, it’s time to seize the moment and transform the Dreamforce buzz into real benefits for your brand, your clients … and your own reputation!

Let’s see how you can organize your own DF2U (Dreamforce To You), position yourself as an industry expert and help your audience leverage the latest Salesforce insights.

Here’s my recipe!

1.    Start with a Purpose

Before you dive into planning your DF2U event, ask yourself: What’s the purpose? Are you aiming to educate on the latest Salesforce innovations, provide actionable insights, or simply foster deeper relationships?

Your purpose will guide everything from content to format.

2.   Offer Critical Analysis, Not Just Information

Your audience doesn’t just want information; they crave insights and critical analysis.

Dive deep into Dreamforce highlights, dissecting the implications for their specific industry and business. Share your expert opinions on how these innovations can solve their pain points or seize opportunities.

Be the guiding voice that helps them navigate the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem with clarity and confidence.

3.    Design Engaging Content

Engage your audience with compelling content that goes beyond the surface-level Dreamforce recaps.

Be thought provoking, show demos and launch videos from time to time (Thanks Salesforce+).

Remember, actionable insights are key.

4.    Be Timely

Timing is everything. Plan your DF2U event soon after Dreamforce to ride the momentum.

The SFMC Community will be eager to learn about the latest updates, so don’t let too much time pass.

5.    Leverage Exclusive Insights

Especially if you’re an SI: One of the main reasons clients attend DF2U events hosted by SIs is to gain insider knowledge and insights.

If you’ve been there: share things we can’t find on Salesforce+.

6.    Encourage Interaction

Make your DF2U event interactive.

Host Q&A sessions, polls, or breakout discussions to involve your audience. Foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable asking questions and sharing their challenges.

7.    Network and Build Relationships

DF2U isn’t just about knowledge sharing; it’s also an opportunity to strengthen client relationships.

Dedicate time for one-on-one meetings or informal chats. Personal connections can lead to future collaborations and referrals.

8.    Keep it Concise

Respect your audience’s time.

Aim for a concise event that delivers maximum value without dragging on. A 60-90 minute event is often the sweet spot, allowing you to cover key points effectively.

9.    Follow-up

Don’t let the momentum fade away. Follow up with attendees, gather feedback, and stay engaged. Keep the conversation going to ensure you remain top of mind.

In conclusion, your DF2U event is your opportunity to shine as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert and provide immense value to your clients. Craft your event with a clear purpose, engaging content, and exclusive insights, and you’ll position yourself as a trusted partner for navigating the ever-evolving Salesforce landscape.

See you next week!  

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