#048. Make the Most of your Time between 2 SFMC Jobs

Hey Smart Marketers!

Maybe it’s time for change.

Maybe you’re starting a new job or position in September.

Anyway, the time between jobs can be transformed into a powerful opportunity for growth and achievement.

Do not consider it just a mere transition. Leverage this period to elevate your SFMC skills, broaden your horizons, and pave the way for an even more successful career.

How ?

Let’s dive in!

#1 Supercharge Your SFMC Proficiency

Use the interim period to sharpen your Salesforce skills and stay up-to-date with the latest platform developments.

It’s time to add some badges on Trailhead, read some books, or catch up the latest SFMC blogs issues.

You can also aim for some new certs or accreditations!

#2 Elevate Your Network in the Marketer Community

Connect with fellow SFMC enthusiasts by joining user groups, attending conferences, and participating in virtual meetups.

Networking within the SFMC community opens doors to valuable insights, collaborative opportunities, and potential job leads that may not be advertised elsewhere.

#3 Explore Beyond SFMC

While SFMC expertise is crucial, consider expanding your knowledge of complementary marketing technologies and strategies.

Dive into marketing automation platforms, data analytics tools, and emerging marketing trends.

This diverse skill set positions you as a well-rounded consultant, ready to tackle any client’s needs.

#4 Redefine Your Professional Brand

Polish your online presence, specifically your LinkedIn profile and personal website, to reflect your updated SFMC prowess and recent accomplishments.

Create and share compelling SFMC-related content to establish yourself as a thought leader in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud domain.

#5 Set Goals for your SFMC Career Path

Take this opportunity to envision your SFMC career trajectory.

Define your niche, identify industries of interest, and set concrete goals for your next role.

When you’re done, give yourself time off.

I could write another issue about mental health and grief between 2 positions but for today I’ll just say: Enjoy and practice some digital detox.

You’re gonna rock at your next position!

See you next week!

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