#023. How to deal with schizo customers?

Hey folks!

Did you know some duplicates are not real duplicates?

Meet John.

John is a happy husband and father of three.

He likes hiking and beautiful landscapes. A lot of outdoor activities. He prefers Asian food and large bedrooms.

John is also a Sales executive that travels a lot for work. He likes to sleep in the city center, near the business district. Doesn’t care about the bedroom size but Wi-Fi is mandatory.

For a hospitality brand, John can be a nightmare. If they de-duplicate the record!

Sometimes, having two records for the same person can be the best solution.

As a matter of fact, if you have a look at the Customer Data Platform, it will unify John’s profile but can keep the 2 personae (if CDP users addressed this use-case).

Whenever the brand is big enough to have a wide range of products, it must deal with customers with multiple personalities.

A car dealer also drives a car…

So, what should you do about this?

#1 Identify them

Whether you have a Customer Data Platform or not, you should list all your schizo subscribers.


Again, let’s study John’s example.

John may be a bit annoying when with his family: regular complaints, weird demands, and not much of a spender.

When traveling for work, it could be the exact opposite in terms of demands and spending… with benefits: maybe John has a big influence on his co-worker’s choice of hotels.

If you don’t know that, you could end up providing a bad experience to “family John” and lose a dozen of regular guests.

So, yes. Identify them.

#2 Upgrade them

Once you have listed every subscriber’s different identity, treat each of them at the same level as the highest-ranking persona.

If Sales rep John is a VIP, then treat family John as a VIP.

And vice versa.

Most of the time these customers bring the highest revenue, invest in them.

You have two goals here:

  1. Nurture your best customers
  2. Identify which personality is the most valuable


#3 Create more schizo customers!

You now know who your schizo customers are and have a list of identities with benefits.

Turn this upside down.

Try and identify a persona look-alike based on your contact database and enrich it with another identity.

Yes: ask for work or family or hobbies information.

Extend your customer knowledge.

Add their spouse to your list.

You’ll be able to be smarter for upsell and retention.

First-party data is a weapon of choice these days. Use it!

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