#009. How to Ace your Interview

I often talk about the importance of building a Portfolio.

How it is critical to be able to showcase your achievements…

And interviews are the moment where it matters the most.

Over the last decade, I have seen so many skilled consultants fail interviews.

The main problem in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem is that resumes, job descriptions, and achievements look just the same from one candidate to another.

Remember this: if nobody stands out, the cheapest wins.

So here are 5 things you should do before, during, and after the interview.

#1 Targeted Application

Before you apply, be crystal clear about what you want to do. Take time to think about it. Then write it down.

Only apply for jobs that fit your desired career path. Remember, you need to show motivation… That is easier when it is your dream job.

Before you apply, try to understand the organization and what will be expected.

If you’re having an interview with a brand, subscribe to their newsletter.

When you apply, highlight every experience related to the job description. Take time to personalize the application.

Try to identify what pains they could have and tackle them.

Be a True Detective.

I know this part can be time-consuming… but with time, you will be able to do it faster and faster. With employers, clients, or competitors.

#2 Stalk your Interviewer

You made it to the interview… Congrats!

Now you have a few days to prepare… Obviously, you know now that 99.99% of companies perform a Social Media screening of their candidates. I won’t spend time on your profile here (you can read my issue about this here).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do the same!

Search for your interviewer:

  • What experience does he have?
  • Academic background?
  • How long has he been working with this company?
  • Most important thing: search for his posts. That’s the better way to understand how somebody thinks.

Once you have an educated guess about your interviewer, search for the team profiles. You could find valuable information about technologies used, recent challenges, struggles, etc.

#3 Say “I”

During the interview, the most common mistake is to keep on saying things such as:

  • “We built this”
  • “We had to face this challenge”
  • “We managed to…”

Guess what?

They’re not hiring your previous team.

As much as being a team player is praised, you have to give yourself credit for your achievements during interviews.

You are alone there.

And the guy in front of you needs to know that you will bring YOUR expertise to his team.

This one may seem easy but believe me, it’s not.

Saying “I” after years of being told to say “We” requires a bit of training.

#4 Tell Stories

The recruiter already has your resume.

Don’t repeat it.

If you want to stand out during an interview you have to be remembered for something. The best way to get an idea to stick in minds is to tell Stories.

When you present yourself, please do not say: “we worked on an ESP migration and used REST APIs and SSJS.”

Here is the storytelling pattern that each relevant experience should have:

Business Challenge > Your Proposed Solution > Income

Depending on the position you are applying for, you can also tell the story of a failure here. The point is to be able to explain how you tackle challenges. Being able to analyze a failure shows more strength than you could expect.

#5 Wrap up

Always… Always… Always get back to the company post-interview.

Write a clear and honest email.

Thank the person you met.

Send the meeting minutes.

And tell another story. The story of how you’d fit in there:

  • Pinpoint the challenges
  • Propose a solution
  • Describe the first steps you would recommend

And the last piece of advice: interviews are two ways. If you have no personal fit with your future boss, thank them and stop the process.

Don’t be afraid of walking away.

You must know your value.

See you next week.

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