#024. The 6 Fundamental Journeys you should have in Journey Builder

Hey Smart Marketers!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is all about orchestrating customer journeys, and Journey Builder is the one place where the magic happens.

Of course, every industry has its own customer journeys. The journey map can even change from one brand to another within the same industry.

However, there are 6 journeys you can run everywhere.

6 journeys you MUST implement.

The absolute worst thing to do is to possess a tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud and not have running journeys.

So, if you still struggle to define what journeys you should build. What exact steps, data, and channels do you need to involve? Just start with these.

Get started.

With time, and reports (!), you’ll be able to define your next steps from there!

#1 Welcome Series

“You only have one chance to make a first impression,” they say!

This is probably your most critical journey: 74% of customers expect to receive a welcome email immediately after subscribing. According to hive.co, open rates can hit 91.43%.

That’s an opportunity you can’t afford to dismiss.

Not an opportunity to sell.

An opportunity to start a relationship.

Focus on 3 key messages here:

  • Warm welcome: you are truly happy to welcome your subscriber, let them know!
  • Educational content: explain what your brand stands for, your values, and the why of your products.
  • Touchpoints and preference center: try and convert your email subscriber to a mobile subscriber. Get a social ID. Let them choose what they want to hear from you. And give them ways to reach out to you.

Bonus tactic: You can offer discounts or vouchers for completing preferences or giving personal information.

Learn More about Welcome Series!

#2 Abandoned Cart

The low-hanging fruit.

Did you know Abandoned Cart emails generate the highest average revenue per click at 36.02$? And the second highest revenue per open: 1.77$? (source: ETMC Predictive Intelligence Benchmark Report)

An abandoned cart reveals at least an Intent to buy.

That’s a customer that almost purchased.

Maybe he just forgot the product in the cart.

Maybe he needs reinsurance.

Or an incentive.

In fact, you have no reason Not To build an abandoned Cart journey. Capture the event and shoot as soon as you can.

#3 Browse Abandonment

This one has lower intent than the abandoned cart but is still relevant.

Depending on the industry, this signal can generate lots of revenue.

Take Financial Services. Do you know anyone that likes to browse life insurance policies? If your customer doesn’t have one with you, maybe it’s time to propose one.

Pretty much like Abandoned Cart, timing will be key here: the faster you retarget, the more revenue you’ll generate.

#4 Birthday Series

There are 2 versions of this one: your subscriber’s birthday or the subscription’s anniversary.

However, it’s a moment to celebrate your relationship with your customer.

And birthday demands gifts.

Send a gift card. A coupon code. A voucher.


Just be generous.

#5 Post-Purchase Series

When your customer just bought a product, that’s a moment when you can strengthen the relationship.

You can thank and explain one or two things about your products. Give advice.

Some e-commerce companies will add an upsell offer with this email. Depending on the first purchase, this can be a game changer.

A/B test upsells and cross-sells on this one.

#6 Winback Series

A lot of companies chase acquisition and don’t try to re-engage inactive customers.

You may think it’s a lost fight but in fact, these customers need more “caring”.

Let them know you miss them.

Personalize your content.

Offer incentives.

Try to understand why they lapsed.

This journey will have pretty low goals. You’ll experience low open and click rates.

But in the long run, this journey will make a difference for your brand.

That’s all for today!

See you next week!

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