#029. 3 reasons why Einstein Engagement Frequency is not enough to deal with Marketing Fatigue

There’s a recurring question during pre-sales concerning Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Is there a “commercial pressure management” feature?

The common answer to that question looks like this “you can use Einstein Engagement Frequency to monitor your saturated contacts”.

This answer is not accurate.


#1 Einstein Engagement Frequency is a mono-channel black box

Einstein Engagement Frequency Dashboard shows you an overview of sending saturation level per channel (email or mobile – as in Mobile Push).

You choose which channel you want to analyze and get analytics about your Undersaturated, On-Target and Oversaturated Contacts.

Seems great?


Do you think a customer that feels oversaturated on the email channel, will be just fine with your other communication channels?

I agree we should have limits per channel.

But you should also have an overall saturation level.

Last thing: you don’t get to set parameters for saturation levels nor to define personae…

#2 Einstein Engagement Frequency needs Journey Builder

To use Einstein Engagement Frequency updated version, you need to have Journey Builder.

In other words, you can’t use it for simple emails.

For some companies, it can be a major change of process to build a journey whenever they want to send an email.

On the other hand, I consider communications sent in response to an inbound contact or event not to be marketing fatigue. And I’m speaking about commercial emails.

They will count with EEF.

#3 Einstein Engagement Frequency is offer agnostic.

Unlike Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement doesn’t provide a catalogue.

Why does it matter?

When you want to monitor marketing fatigue, you act: Stop sending communication to oversaturated subscribers.

What if a contact is not saturated yet, and you have 2 emails scheduled: one the next day and another 3 days later. What if the second email is a better fit for your customer?

Given the fact that EEF considers variants but is unable to classify communications by topic, your contacts are doomed to a FIFO cut.

See you next week!

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