#015. What’s your SFMC Unique Value Proposition?

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So, you’re an expert.


Problem is… there are tons of experts. Why should I call you?

You seem all alike:

  • 20 certifications/accreditations
  • Triple Star Rangers
  • 10 pages resume
  • 200+ SFMC Projects
  • Very high daily rates
  • And nearly the same profile pictures…

If you want to stand out, you’ll have to craft a unique value proposition.

That thing that lets you stay top-of-mind when your Ideal Customer Profile needs help.

How do you build this UVP?

Identify your target market pains

You know your target market, whether you’re a Content Specialist, a Data wizard, a skilled Campaign Manager, or a Full-Stack Architect.

Are you dealing with an IT executive whose focus is delivering quality in a short time?

Do you work with CRM Managers that expect increased conversions?

Are you here to help Content Managers ship new assets faster?

Whatever your role, as an expert, you already know what pains your customers face. Even if it’s not written in the requirements, that’s what they’re hiring for.

Part of being an expert is being obsessed with a topic:

  • Describe your Ideal Customer (for example: A marketing Manager in the eCommerce Industry)
  • List their Pains (Data Quality, Deliverability, Conversions)
  • List your distinguishing factors (Managing multi-cultural teams, Cross-cloud experience, etc.): focus on gains to map with the pains listed previously.

Write your UVP

You must formulate your UVP to make it concrete.

It must be crystal clear and specific.

“Expert in SFMC IP Warm-up”

“Experienced SFMC Business Users Trainer”

“I help localize SFMC matching each country/entity’s needs”

“I build scalable Cross-Cloud Architectures including CDP, SFMC, IS, and e-commerce”.

If I’m looking for a Trainer on SFMC, I’ll have to choose amongst many candidates… but if I’m looking for a trainer that understands business users’ struggles, I’ll think of you only.

A bad SFMC UVP would be:

“Expert in all things SFMC”

“Interaction Studio accredited professional”

“SFMC Campaign Manager”

You are unique. Show it and sell yourself.

Test and Learn

Once you chose your gig. Communicate.

Produce content.

I use LinkedIn and Twitter but you can choose whatever platform you prefer as long as you can find your target audience there.

Your Profile and your content should reflect your UVP.

Collect feedback and analyze it.

What are you looking for?

Demand Capture.

Salesforce is doing a job regarding Demand Generation. If your UVP doesn’t get enough positive feedback, optimize it, change the words… and try again.

Well, that’s it for today.

Hope it helps find great jobs!

See you next week!

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