#072. What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement on Hyperforce? and why you should care…

Hey Smart Marketers!

Have you heard of Hyperforce?

I launched a poll yesterday and roughly 90% don’t know what Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement on Hyperforce could mean for the ecosystem.

Do not panic! While it’s already live for Japan, India and Australia, it’s roadmapped in 2026 for US & Europe… we still have time!

However, it’s an evolution that requires an understanding of the coexistence of current SFMC capabilities and the next-gen infrastructure. Let’s take a pragmatic dive into what this means for you.

Hyperforce Demystified

Hyperforce is a reimagined architecture that supercharges the Salesforce platform for enhanced performance in the public cloud. It’s designed to enable scalability, improve security, and offer more precise control over data residency—aligning with global compliance and regulatory requirements.

Why SFMC Pros Should Care

  1. Data Residency: Hyperforce gives you the power to dictate where your data resides, crucial for compliance and data sovereignty concerns.
  2. Enhanced Security: With encryption for data at rest and in transit, Hyperforce provides a fortified foundation for your marketing initiatives.
  3. Maintenance and Agility: Streamlined maintenance operations mean your marketing efforts are uninterrupted, with quicker release cycles for new features.
  4. Global Scalability: The expansion of Hyperforce across regions is pivotal, with current availability in countries like India, Australia, and Japan, and more on the way.

Data Cloud as a Cornerstone

Importantly, Data Cloud is a prerequisite for leveraging SFMC on Hyperforce. It’s the linchpin that ensures unified customer profiles, sophisticated segmentation, and real-time engagement, underpinning your marketing efforts with robust data management capabilities.

The Dual Expertise Era

As Hyperforce is optional for legacy clients, SFMC specialists will navigate a hybrid environment:

  • Legacy Proficiency: Mastery of existing SFMC platforms continues to be valuable for businesses not transitioning to Hyperforce immediately.
  • Hyperforce and Data Cloud Mastery: For those who transition, understanding Hyperforce’s integration with Data Cloud is vital—expanding your toolkit with advanced data management and customer engagement strategies.

Roadmap to Transition

Organizations moving to Hyperforce should be proactive:

  • Audit Current Systems: Evaluate your existing SFMC setup in light of Data Cloud requirements and plan for a seamless transition.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay abreast of updates, deepen your knowledge of Hyperforce and Data Cloud, and prepare to leverage new capabilities as they become available.
  • Transition Leadership: Guide your organization through the benefits of Hyperforce, advocating for the strategic advantage it provides.

Implications for SFMC Professionals

Hyperforce introduces a period of dual operations, where both traditional SFMC and Hyperforce environments will be active:

  • Operational Flexibility: Be prepared to manage and operate within both legacy SFMC and Hyperforce environments, depending on client needs and adoption rates.
  • Consultative Expertise: Offer guidance on whether to maintain existing systems or transition to Hyperforce, outlining the roadmap for either path.
  • Expand Your SFMC Horizons: Become well-versed in both worlds—continuing to support legacy systems while also capitalizing on the advanced capabilities offered by Hyperforce and Data Cloud.

The Path Forward

The SFMC community is on the cusp of a transformative phase. With the rollout of Hyperforce, you have the opportunity to lead this change, ensuring that your skills evolve to meet the new demands of the platform while also maintaining the robust capabilities of legacy systems.

The roadmap ahead is clear: embrace the change, upskill on Data Cloud, and prepare for a dynamic future in SFMC.

For more information, you can watch this video: https://mcmoments.hubs.vidyard.com/

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