#073. Please Teach Humans, not AI!

Hey Smart Marketers,

I don’t know how you feel about this but I’ve got to say that I’m a bit concerned about all this AI hype in the Salesforce Ecosystem…

Salesforce announced Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition which is built on Core and full of AI: for segment creation, for journeys (non-admin Flows…), for email content…

Don’t get me wrong, Gen AI is a powerful tool and we’d be fools not to leverage it!


Let’s face it: the best Gen AI users are the best professionals.

You need to master your craft to fully take advantage of Gen AI.

So where does that leave newcomers??

It leaves them at a significant disadvantage, and here’s why. The introduction of AI into the mix tempts us to shortcut the learning process. Sure, it’s efficient and snazzy to see AI build segments, tailor content, and optimize journeys with little human input. But at what cost?

Remember the early days? There was a raw craftsmanship to marketing back then, a necessity to understand the nuts and bolts. This depth of knowledge is what made a marketer not just good, but great. It’s that ‘get your hands dirty’ experience that forges a true professional.

What’s the future? AI design overseen by humans?

Well, here’s the kicker: AI is only as good as the humans behind it. If our new talent doesn’t understand the why and the how of the underlying marketing principles, they’ll never be able to leverage AI effectively.

So, to all the system integrators and team leads out there: don’t let AI become a crutch for our new consultants. We must teach our humans first. Allow them to make the predictions, craft the segments, and design the journeys before the AI does. Let them learn from the ground up what it means to engage a customer, to analyze a market segment, and to strategize a campaign.

They need to appreciate the power of a well-placed call to action, the nuance of a subject line, and the complexity of designing an efficient customer journey. Without this foundation, AI becomes a fancy tool in the hands of someone who can’t truly exploit its potential.

And let’s be clear: I’m not advocating for a complete abandonment of Gen AI — that would be like refusing to drive a car when you’ve only ever ridden a horse. But I am advocating for a training regime that prioritizes human understanding over AI dependency. Our industry’s reputation, our service quality, and ultimately, our collective success hinge on the capabilities of our people, not our programs.

So, system integrators, make your choice. Will you foster a generation of button-pushers or cultivate a lineage of master marketers? The answer should be clear. Please, teach humans, not AI. Let’s get this right.


Mentorship Programs

Create a mentorship program where every newcomer is paired with a seasoned consultant. As the novice learns by doing, the mentor oversees their work, guiding them through the learning curve. Then, once a foundational understanding is cemented, introduce them to AI as a tool to augment their skills, not replace them.

Collaborative Projects

Design projects where tasks are explicitly split between AI overseen by humans and human work. For example, let AI create segments but review generated queries with an expert. For creative and strategic tasks like campaign conceptualization and personalization strategies, leave to humans: no offense, but for now, Gen AI isn’t yet a match for humans on these topics. This ensures beginners develop strategic thinking skills essential for career advancement.

Analytics and Feedback

Implement an analytics review stage where both the Gen AI outcomes and human decisions are evaluated. This teaches beginners the value of data-driven decision-making and allows them to see how their strategies align with or diverge from Gen AI solutions.

Remember: A tool is only as effective as the hand that wields it. Choose your fight

See you next month!

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