#070. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Moving to Core – What If?

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Let’s explore a hypothetical yet intriguing scenario: What if Salesforce announced that Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) would be rebuilt on Salesforce Core?

Would you be surprised? Excited? Shocked?

I personally think it’s a possibility.  It’s coming. We just don’t know when… yet!

So, let’s break down this hypothetical and see what it could mean, practically speaking.

The Practical Upsides

  • Seamless Integration: SFMC on Salesforce Core could mean smoother workflows with Sales and Service Cloud. We’re talking about less juggling between systems and more streamlined processes.
  • Data Cloud at Our Fingertips: Salesforce’s focus on Data Cloud hints at more robust, AI-powered insights in our marketing strategies. Imagine harnessing that for targeted campaigns.
  • Unified Data Flow: A common platform could mean a more cohesive data structure. This could translate into more accurate and comprehensive analytics.

But, Let’s Be Real

  • Migration Headaches: Shifting to a new platform is never a walk in the park. It means new systems, new processes, and probably a few late nights.
  • Learning Curve Ahead: If you’re an SFMC guru, prepping for Salesforce Core and Data Cloud means updating your skill set. Time to hit Trailhead.
  • Integration Challenges: Initially, getting all systems to play nice might require some trial and error. Patience would be key.

If This Were to Happen…

  1. Build Your Skills: Start familiarizing yourself with Salesforce Core and Data Cloud. It’s about staying ahead, not catching up.
  2. Keep an Ear Out: Stay updated with Salesforce’s moves. In our world, forewarned is forearmed.
  3. Network and Exchange Ideas: Get into discussions about this scenario. It’s not just about speculation; it’s about preparing for potential shifts.
  4. Strategic Conversations with Clients: Start a dialogue with your clients about how such a change could affect their strategies and operations.

This SFMC-Core-Data Cloud blend is hypothetical, but thinking it through is a good exercise in adaptability and foresight. Whether or not it becomes a reality, staying one step ahead is what keeps us sharp and effective in our roles.

Stay pragmatic and forward-thinking!

See you next month!

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