#054. 10 questions you should ask an SFMC Recruiter

Hey Smart Marketers!

So, you’ve landed an interview for that new Salesforce Marketing Cloud gig?


I know you want to impress your potential employer… but an interview works both ways! You also need to determine if this is the perfect job for you!

So! what do you need to know?

Let’s dive in!

#1 “Could you describe the company culture here?”

We’ll start with a classic: understanding the company culture.

This question shows your genuine interest in the work environment and how you might fit in. It’s like getting a taste of the workplace atmosphere before you dive in.

#2 “How does Marketing Cloud contribute to the company’s overall success?”

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

By asking this question, you demonstrate your keen interest in the role’s impact on the company’s bottom line. You want numbers.

After all, a successful Marketing Cloud strategy should contribute to the broader organizational goals.

#3 “Could you provide examples of Marketing Cloud’s evolution within the company?”

If nothing happened since the System Integrator left one year ago… it’s a trap!

More seriously, this question indicates that you’re interested in the ongoing development of the tool within the company’s context. It will also help you ask more relevant questions about the position details.

#4 “What kind of collaboration with other teams can I expect in this role?”

In the Marketing Cloud realm, collaboration is essential.

You want to know how the company works cross-functionally, how they integrate of Marketing Cloud efforts with other departments.

It’s often a pain point so you’ll get a lot of insights with this topic.

#5 “How is success measured in this role?”

Let’s cut to the chase.

This question gets to the core of performance evaluation:if you’re willing to work with them you need to understand the expectations and metrics for success in the role.

#6 “Are there upcoming Marketing Cloud projects or challenges I’ll be involved in?”

Taking a glimpse into the future!

What subject will you work on? Does it fit your career plan? Do you have the right skills? It shows eagerness to the recruiter and benefits you as well as you understand better what will be the first tasks to achieve.

#7 “How does the company support work-life balance, especially considering potential late-night deployments?”

Maintaining work-life balance is crucial, particularly in roles that may involve late-night work.

This question subtly addresses your concern while gauging the company’s support for employees’ well-being.

#8 “What resources are available for Marketing Cloud professionals to continue their learning?”

Continuous learning is vital in the Marketing Cloud arena.

Show your commitment to personal and professional growth by asking about available resources for skill development.

#9 “Could you outline the typical career progression for someone in this role?”

This question looks ahead, exploring potential career paths within the organization. It’s like asking for a roadmap to your professional future.

#10 “What Marketing Cloud feature do you find most valuable, and why?”

End on a positive note! This question allows your interviewer to share their enthusiasm while providing you with insights into their preferred Marketing Cloud functionalities.

There you have it!

These ten questions are your toolkit for a successful job interview.

Remember, it’s not just about impressing them; it’s also about ensuring that this role aligns with your aspirations.

See you next week!  

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