#052. Maximize Your Impact in 4 Weeks: The SFMC on-boarding Guide

Hey Smart Marketers,

I’ve heard some of you are starting new positions in September.

If it’s on the brand side, here’s my strategy for making yourself indispensable within the first four weeks of starting a new job.

Let’s go!

Week 1-2: Audit & Diagnose

Step 1: Immerse Yourself In the initial days, your focus should be on learning about your new environment. Understand the company culture, your team dynamics, and the key players. Absorb as much information as you can through orientation sessions, conversations, and company materials.

Step 2: Assess Current State Perform a thorough audit of your department or role. Identify pain points, bottlenecks, and opportunities for improvement. What processes could be more efficient? Are there any unaddressed challenges? Document your findings to share with your team later.

Step 3: Connect with Colleagues Forge relationships with your peers. Listen actively and ask questions to gather insights into their pain points and ideas for enhancement. Your goal is to build rapport and demonstrate your genuine interest in their perspectives.

Week 3: Solve & Propose

Step 4: Strategize Solutions Leveraging the information you’ve gathered, brainstorm innovative solutions for the identified challenges. Think outside the box and consider how your unique skills and experiences can contribute to solving these problems effectively.

Step 5: Create a Proposal Craft a well-structured proposal outlining your proposed solutions. Clearly articulate the problems, your strategic recommendations, and the potential benefits. Visual aids like process flows or mockups can help convey your ideas more effectively.

Step 6: Present to Leadership Request a meeting with your manager or relevant stakeholders to present your proposal. Be prepared to answer questions and provide evidence supporting your suggestions. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your proactive attitude and problem-solving skills.

Week 4: Plan & Forecast

Step 7: Develop an Action Plan Collaborate with your team to create a detailed action plan for implementing your proposed solutions. Break down tasks, assign responsibilities, and set clear timelines. This plan will showcase your ability to turn ideas into actionable steps.

Step 8: Forecast Results Use data and research to predict the potential outcomes of your proposed changes. How will they positively impact the team, department, or organization as a whole? Paint a clear picture of the benefits to highlight the value of your ideas.

Step 9: Communicate Your Vision Share your action plan and projected outcomes with your team and leadership. Emphasize how your ideas align with the company’s goals and mission. Your enthusiasm and strategic thinking will demonstrate your commitment to the organization’s success.

And remember: First impressions last for long… position yourself as a proactive, solution-oriented team member who adds immediate value.

See you next week!

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