#071. How to Build a Business Case for a CDP… with 10k Profiles for Free

Hey Smart Marketers!

In the buzz surrounding Salesforce’s latest reveal – the much-discussed Marketing Cloud Growth – a potentially game-changing offer has flown somewhat under the radar. Amidst the fanfare for the new product, Salesforce quietly rolled out a proposition for its current Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) customers: free access to Data Cloud, with a catch – it’s limited to unifying 10,000 profiles.

Sure, in a world where contact lists run into millions, this might seem modest.

But let’s not brush it aside too quickly: This under-the-radar offer is a golden opportunity to dip your toes into the capabilities of Data Cloud and lay the groundwork for a robust Customer Data Platform (CDP).

You can leverage this offer to your advantage, even if it seems like just a small piece of the puzzle at first glance.

Here’s how to play it smart:

1. Pick Your Players Wisely

You’ve got a limit, so make every profile count.

Dive into your database and cherry-pick a mix of high-value customers and those on the verge of becoming your next VIPs.

Think of it as creating an all-star team where every player has the potential to bring home the trophy.

2. Run Targeted Experiments

Now’s the time to get creative with those 10,000 profiles.

Launch targeted campaigns, personalized experiences, and see what sticks. It’s about quality over quantity.

Your aim? To gather solid evidence that speaks volumes about the power of personalized marketing.

Document the uplift in engagement, conversion rates, and any other metric that shines a light on success.

3. Clean House and Connect the Dots

This is your chance to do a deep dive into your data hygiene and integration smoothness.

Working with a smaller dataset means you can easily spot and fix discrepancies, ensuring your data is clean as a whistle.

Plus, you’ll get a clear picture of how well your systems play together. Smooth integrations mean smoother marketing campaigns down the line.

4. Flex Your Analytical Muscles

With a unified view of your chosen 10,000, it’s time to play detective.

Use this opportunity to build predictive models or employ machine learning to uncover insights you can’t see on the surface. This could be anything from identifying patterns that predict purchase behavior to spotting early signs of churn.

These insights are gold dust when making the case for a CDP.

5. Document Everything

Keep a meticulous record of what you did, what worked, and what flopped.

This isn’t just about showcasing successes; it’s about learning from the journey.

When you present your case for a CDP, having a detailed log of your experiments, outcomes, and lessons learned will make your argument that much stronger.

6. Show the Bigger Picture

Use your findings to paint a picture of what could be. How could your successes scale with a full CDP at your disposal?

Talk numbers, talk efficiency, and most importantly, talk about the enhanced customer experience you can deliver.

Remember, a good story is compelling, but a good story with solid numbers? Irresistible.

7. Don’t Forget About Data Ethics

In today’s world, how you handle data is just as important as the insights you glean from it. Use this pilot to demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and ethical practices. Showing you can manage data responsibly not only strengthens your case for a CDP but also builds trust with your customers.

Look, Salesforce’s 10K profile offer might seem like a small fry, but with the right strategy, it’s a powerhouse of opportunity.

It’s your playground to test, learn, and ultimately build an irrefutable case for why a CDP should be your next big investment… or not!

So, roll up your sleeves and dive in. The insights and efficiencies you could unlock are well worth the effort. Plus, when you’re ready to scale, you’ll have everything you need to make a compelling argument for a more robust data management platform. Make those 10,000 profiles count!

See you next month!

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