#013. All Marketing Cloud Experts have Impostor Syndrome

The struggle is real.

Believe me.

When you’re new to this world you look up to Marketing Champions and MVPs… what you don’t know is that all those expectations are quite hard to bear.

And that’s probably their most valuable skill: keeping their impostor syndrome under control.

Understand it.

Prepare for it.

Deal with it.

Where does that come from?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most dynamic Cloud in Salesforce’s world.

Every year, a new acquisition. Every semester, a new game-changer.

Do you really expect them to know how Interaction Studio works the moment it’s announced?

Might seem weird but it’s exactly what happens.

Every time.

There’s a big announcement at Dreamforce and, the minute the keynote is over, everyone grabs the “Expert” to ask him for his thought!

“What use cases could we implement?”

“How long would a project take?”

“What technical requirements should they prepare for?”

I’ve been in this position.

The more you’re considered an expert, the hardest it is to just say: “I don’t know”.

How can one be prepared?

Keeping up with Salesforce is a full-time job.

Running as fast as Salesforce requires some training.

So where to start?

First, keep up to date.

Read every Release Note on the Clouds you work with.

Second, listen carefully.

Try to understand where Salesforce is going. What’s their roadmap? Salesforce is a vendor that communicates a lot. Have a minimum of generic knowledge on each topic.

Third, forge an opinion.

What features are missing? What if they were available within Salesforce? What ROI could we expect?

If you forge strong opinions of your own. Convictions. That means you’ve done your homework. Researched. Benchmarked.

What if?

No matter how hard you’re working on continuous upskilling… you’re still exposed to the impostor syndrome.

Just don’t surrender to it.

You’ve acquired experience, hard skills, soft skills…

There’s a routine you should keep every time you accomplish something worthy. Track it.

On Notepad. Your smartphone. Your fridge. Whatever.

And next time you feel like a Fraud, look at your list and ask yourself: who else can claim all these?

See you next week!

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