#056. 5 Must-Take Trails on Trailhead to Get Started with Data Cloud and AI

Hey Smart Marketers!

Salesforce is now an AI company… (they even say that they’ve always been an AI-company, but I won’t comment on that.)

The new mantra is AI + Data + CRM.

With CRM fading…

You want to keep up with Salesforce and keep your career on track? You have to skill up on Data Cloud and AI.

If you’re wondering where to start, here are the 5 Trails I recommend to kickstart your journey as a TrAIlblazer!

#1 Explore Data Cloud

This Trail provides a comprehensive introduction to Data Cloud for marketers. It covers customer data, data basics, data ingestion, modeling, administration, segmentation, and activation.

You’ll learn how to manage and leverage customer data, improve data quality, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Data Cloud is the foundation of next-gen Salesforce: this one should be mandatory.

+2,300 points

#2 Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

This Trail is your gateway to AI, covering fundamental AI concepts, generative AI, natural language processing, data fundamentals, analytics, correlation, regression, and responsible AI creation.

You’ll acquire essential AI skills, including understanding AI fundamentals, generating AI-driven content, and applying AI in marketing scenarios. This Trail prepares you to leverage AI for data analysis and decision-making.

AI is revolutionizing Segment Creation, Content Creation and even Journey Creation. We need to learn how to harness its power.

+2,000 points

#3 Prepare Your Data for AI

This Trail focuses on data quality, Salesforce Data Cloud-powered experiences, batch data transforms, data and identity in Data Cloud, and the Einstein Trust Layer.

You’ll learn how to ensure data quality, use Salesforce Data Cloud effectively, transform data for AI, and establish trust in AI models.

High-quality data is the foundation of successful AI implementations. Preparing your data for AI ensures that your AI models are robust, trustworthy, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Last words about this Trail: Marc Benioff focused on Trust during the main keynote and the Einstein Trust Layer is Salesforce secret weapon to ensure Clients that “[their] data is not [Salesforce] product”.

+1,800 points

#4 Get Started with Prompts and Prompt Builder

This short Trail introduces you to the fundamentals of prompts and Prompt Builder.

Prompt Builder is part of Salesforce response to Trust concerns.

This trail will help you understand how you can use LLM without sharing Customer Data.

+400 points

#5 Drive AI within Your Organization

This Trail covers generative AI for organizations, large language models, and change management for AI implementation.

You’ll explore how to drive AI adoption within your organization, understand the potential of large language models, and effectively manage the changes AI brings.

As AI becomes integral to marketing strategies, organizations must adopt it strategically. This Trail equips you with the knowledge needed to lead AI initiatives and ensure a smooth transition within your company.

+700 points

Your future as a trailblazing marketer is changing…

So, dive in, explore these Trails and transform your approach to customer engagement and data-driven decision-making.

See you next week!  

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