#039. 5 positive outcomes of great Consent Management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Hey Smart Marketers!

It seems like finally, privacy concerns and data protection regulations are at the forefront.

It’s about time!

However, like it or not, effective consent management is a critical component of successful email marketing campaigns.

That’s how you build trust with your audience. Or how you can destroy it.

It’s not a checkbox on a webform.

It’s about respecting the preferences and choices of your customers while delivering personalized experiences.

When done right, you’ll see 5 positive outcomes for the brand and the customer.

#1 Enhanced Customer Trust

One of the most valuable outcomes of great consent management in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the significant boost in customer trust.

When data breaches and privacy concerns dominate headlines, customers are increasingly cautious about sharing their personal information.

By demonstrating a commitment to ethical and transparent data practices, a brand can establish a foundation of trust with your audience.

Companies like to call themselves Customer-Centric… that should mean valuing the privacy of customers and being committed to protecting their data.

And that begins by obtaining explicit consent and giving customers control over their preferences.

#2 Improved Engagement and Personalization

When customers explicitly provide their consent and specify their preferences, they are signaling their interest in the brand and the type of content they want to receive.

By leveraging this information, marketers can tailor their customer journeys to meet specific needs and interests. This level of personalization not only increases engagement but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Consent management also enables brands to respect customers’ communication preferences, such as the frequency and channel of communication. Some customers may prefer receiving weekly newsletters, while others may prefer less frequent updates.

By adhering to their preferences, marketers avoid overwhelming or alienating them with excessive or unwanted communication, leading to higher engagement and lower unsubscribe rates.

#3 Compliance with Privacy Regulations

Privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) aim to protect individuals’ personal data by imposing strict rules on its collection, processing, and storage.

These regulations require organizations to obtain explicit consent from individuals before using their data for marketing purposes.

In the event of an audit or regulatory inquiry, having clear consent records in place can help you demonstrate compliance and avoid potential penalties.

#4 Optimal Email Deliverability

You don’t want to land in the recipients’ inbox and not in their spam or junk folder.

We know the sender reputation is influenced by factors such as email engagement, spam complaints, and compliance with privacy regulations.

If you don’t want to ruin it, you shall act like a trusted sender who respects recipients’ preferences and complies with privacy regulations.

Another point that is often overlooked is how promptly you manage unsubscribe requests. Make sure to honor them as fast as possible to maintain a positive sender reputation.

#5 Enhanced Data Quality and Insights

Capture accurate and up-to-date consent preferences and you’ll be able to build a foundation of high-quality data.

Obtain consent directly from customers and you’ll reduce the risk of storing outdated or inaccurate data.

Use consent management to enrich customer profiles: When customers provide consent preferences, ask them additional information about their preferences, interests, or demographic details. You’ll get valuable data points that enable more precise targeting and personalization.

This enriched data helps understand the audience better and deliver more meaningful customer journeys.

I know it’s not the most exciting topic when delivering a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project but it’s one of the most critical.

Leave room for consent management.

See you next week!

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