#028. 3 rules to Stand out in the crowd

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In this issue, I want to tackle the 3 essential rules if you want to stand out in such a crowded market.

#1 Do not Fit in!

“Fitting in” is the exact opposite of “Standing out”.

But we tend to try and fit in.

Something is reassuring about being another sheep in the herd.

You get accepted.

You can even manage to be loved by everybody.

And then?

Well… nothing…

You end up like a number.

Or you can be the Purple Cow:

  • Talk… to be heard,
  • Show… to be seen,
  • Teach… to be respected,
  • Disagree… to be considered.

#2 Know yourself.

Message to recruiters: Stop recruiting Salesforce Sales Cloud professionals for Marketing Cloud Projects.

The best way to find your own path is to know yourself.

Some of us are introverts.

Others thrive through relationships.

Are you a creative mind?

A pragmatic coder?

You can stand out either way. It will just be in a different manner.

Don’t try to change yourself: deal with it and use your strengths to get what you deserve.

#3 Do your homework!

Nobody stands out by putting in tons of sweat and tears.





Try again.

Just look at the latest release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud: if you take just WhatsApp messaging, it’s a whole new topic:

  • Types of WhatsApp communications available
  • Template validation process
  • Consent Management
  • Use-cases
  • Reporting

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Your ability to understand new concepts, and their impact, and translate technology into business use cases will make you stand out.

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