#064. 4 GPTs to Rock your SFMC Projects and Career!

Hey Smart Marketers!

OpenAI killed the game again…

Last week, OpenAI released GPTs creation!!

You can now create GPTs tailored to special needs. Train them exactly for this… and even connect them to other apps.

I must admit I spent the last 4 days playing with this and the result is awesome.

So, here’s my output: I created 4 GPTs for you.


The decision to create four distinct GPTs, each tailored for Mentoring, Programmatic Languages, Project Management, and Architecture within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) ecosystem, is rooted in the unique demands and specialized knowledge required in each of these areas.

Here’s a small presentation of each one of them. Click their name to access.

1.    SFMC Mentor

The mentoring process in SFMC involves not just technical know-how but also guidance on career development, best practices, and navigating complex organizational structures. A GPT dedicated to mentoring can provide personalized advice, share experiences, and offer solutions to common career challenges specific to SFMC professionals. This AI can simulate mentorship conversations, suggest learning paths, and even help in setting professional goals.

This one will take the more time to train as I want him to be as close as possible to answers I could give myself.

2.    SFMC Programmatic Languages Expert

SFMC utilizes a variety of programmatic languages like AMPscript, SQL, SSJS, and HTML for different purposes ranging from data manipulation to dynamic content creation. A GPT focused on these languages can offer in-depth coding assistance, debug scripts, provide code examples, and help users understand the nuances of each language within the SFMC context. This specialized tool can significantly enhance coding efficiency and accuracy for developers.

I’m training this one with every piece of code stored on my laptop… we’ll see how it performs!

3.    SFMC Project Manager

Managing SFMC projects requires a deep understanding of the platform’s capabilities, integration with other systems, resource management, and timeline adherence. A GPT designed for project management can assist in planning, risk assessment, stakeholder communication, and keeping projects aligned with business objectives. It can provide templates, best practices, and even predictive insights based on project data, making the management of SFMC projects more streamlined and effective.

I’m using my past spreadsheets on this one… Be kind if at first the workload is a bit “heavy”.

4.    SFMC Architect

The architectural aspect of SFMC involves designing solutions that are scalable, efficient, and aligned with business goals. A GPT for architecture can assist in evaluating the technical feasibility of proposed solutions, ensuring best practices in data management, integration, and system design. It can offer guidance on complex architectural decisions, help in creating robust and efficient system designs, and ensure that the SFMC setup aligns with the overall business strategy.

For this one, and especially due to the current context, he’ll focus on Time to Value.

I’m really curious to know how good I can make these guys…

Try them and tell me!

See you next week!

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