#062. 4 Red Flags when Choosing a System Integrator for your SFMC Project

Hey Smart Marketers!

Q4 is 2 days away! And we all know the importance of this quarter for Salesforce…

Salesforce being Salesforce it will close deals.

And there will be projects…

But how do you choose the right System Integrator for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Project?

And more important, how do you avoid bad ones??

Here are 4 Red Flags to watch out for:

#1 Overly Aggressive Cost-Cutting

While cost-effectiveness is important, an SI that aggressively cuts costs to an unrealistic degree is a red flag.

Unrealistically low budgets may lead to corner-cutting, which can result in subpar customizations and integrations.

This approach may also lead to hidden costs down the road, negatively impacting your project’s success and budget.

#2 Reliance on a Single Expert

It’s not uncommon for an SI to have a standout expert on their team.

However, if the entire success of your project hinges on a single individual, it is also a red flag. Over-reliance on one person creates a single point of failure, increasing the risk to your project if that person becomes unavailable or leaves the organization.

#3 Too Many Certifications per Individual

While certifications can be valuable, having an excessive number of certifications per individual on the SI’s team are a red flag for me.

It may indicate a lack of depth and specialization in specific areas. Too many certifications per person can spread expertise thin and result in a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none scenario.

It’s important to ensure that the SI’s team members have the right balance of skills and certifications for your project.

#4 Lack of Scalability Planning

The SI’s failure to discuss long-term scalability is a No-Go!

If they focus solely on the immediate implementation (in their Statement of Work that’s probably 4 to 5 journeys) without addressing how the system will adapt to your business’s growth and changing needs, it’s a sign that they are not be taking your future success into account… and preparing for additional fees!

Most of the time, these 4 red flags will come together like the 4 apocalypse horsemen: a insanely cheap quick-start offer, relying on a so-called expert holding 24 certifications and focusing on your welcome and birthday journeys.

If you see this one… Run!

See you next week!  

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