#069. Expanding your Toolkit : Learning Beyond Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Hey Smart Marketers!

You’re now Trailhead masters! Some of you may be Rangers already. But don’t you need to know about competition to give valuable advice?

How can you argue about Data Cloud if you don’t know Segment? How do you compete against Braze if you never heard of them?

If we want to be relevant, it’s crucial to peek over the fence and explore what our friendly neighbors are growing in their yards.

Why? Because the broader your knowledge base, the sharper your consulting edge.

Let’s dive into 4 resources I found interesting for us.

Braze Learning for Customer Engagement

Braze is a powerhouse in the world of customer engagement platforms, offering advanced segmentation, orchestration, and analytics.

Their learning hub, Braze Learning, is a treasure trove of insights. With Quick Tips that serve as bite-sized introductions, comprehensive Foundations courses, and specialized Learning Paths tailored to different roles and skills, Braze Learning ensures you’re not just dabbling but mastering the craft.

And the cherry on top? You can become Braze certified for just $100—a modest investment for the credibility it adds to your consulting repertoire.

Bloomreach Academy for Personalization

Bloomreach shines in personalization and search optimization, ensuring that the right content reaches the right audience.

Their Academy is neatly organized into two proficiency levels and covers the critical domains of Engagement, Discovery, and Content. This dual focus on driving meaningful interactions and enhancing content discoverability can be a game-changer for your clients.

Klaviyo Academy for e-commerce marketing

Klaviyo excels in targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns. True to its no-nonsense approach, Klaviyo Academy offers lessons that are direct and focused, each addressing a specific need.

Although it lacks a structured learning path, the Getting Started course is a recommended launchpad for understanding Klaviyo’s potential in the e-commerce space.

Analytics Academy by Segment

Lastly, Segment is your go-to for unifying customer data and creating a single source of truth.

Their Analytics Academy offers six meticulously crafted courses that walk you through the nuances of data handling and interpretation. The content is concise yet comprehensive, perfect for those looking to gain proficiency in data analytics.

Expanding your knowledge beyond Salesforce gives you options but it also enhances the value brought to every client interaction and solidifies the consultant’s role as a trusted advisor in the dynamic and competitive world of marketing technology.

That kind of knowledge will make you unavoidable 😉

See you next week!

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