#074. Bad Guy AI is a Smokescreen!

Hey Smart Marketers!

Did you see the latest marketing campaign by our preferred Software vendor?

I’ve got to confess I’m a bit tired of this whole messaging about Salesforce being some sort of Cybersecurity champion…

Their “Bad Guy AI” narrative, featuring Matthew McConaughey in a western-themed showdown, portrays AI competitors as villains ready to steal your data.

But is this a genuine concern or just a cover-up for Salesforce’s own shortcomings in the AI race?

The History of Trust

Salesforce has always positioned Trust as a core value.

As a pioneer in cloud-based software, they needed to assure customers that their data was safe and secure. This emphasis on trust has been a foundational element of their brand.

The AI Revolution

Fast-forward to today, and AI is transforming industries at a breakneck pace.

The winners in this revolution will be those who innovate quickly and effectively.

Yet, Salesforce’s latest move seems more like a defensive play than a groundbreaking advancement. (I’m sorry if I don’t show a lot of enthusiasm for the latest announcements… but I wasn’t “WOWed”, so to say…)

Enter “Bad Guy AI”

Salesforce’s recent campaign against “Bad Guy AI” aims to instill fear and caution among its users.

The message is clear: Be wary of other AI companies that might steal your data.

Salesforce positions itself as the only trustworthy option, offering an “Einstein Trust Layer” and a Prompt Builder … of course, on top of their Data Cloud.

But let’s pause for a moment.

This narrative feels more like a scare tactic than a genuine warning. It smells like Fear. It’s reminiscent of a company more concerned with protecting its market share than pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI.

The Reality of Gen AI

The truth is, many companies have already implemented robust AI solutions in a fraction of the time Salesforce is projecting.

While Salesforce showcases use-cases that you’ll only be able to test in an 18-months timeframe, other firms have achieved similar milestones in mere weeks. (Take just the Top 3 best-of-breed competitors of each cloud and have a look at their website…)

The implication? Salesforce might be lagging behind in the AI innovation race.

The Importance of Speed and Innovation

Trust, data privacy, and security are crucial. However, in a field like AI, speed and innovation are equally important. Customers expect not just security, but also cutting-edge technology that delivers real, tangible benefits. Fast.

We want more!

While Salesforce’s commitment to trust is commendable, it shouldn’t come at the expense of innovation.

The announcement of Einstein Copilot for Marketing and Commerce is a step in the right direction, but it feels overdue (not to mention that doesn’t concern Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement).

In a revolution driven by AI, we need to see more—more innovation, more agility, and a true trailblazing attitude.


Salesforce’s “Bad Guy AI” campaign might make for compelling marketing, but it also highlights a deeper issue: the company’s slow response to the AI revolution. Rather than focusing on fear-based tactics, Salesforce should channel its energy into accelerating its AI developments and delivering the groundbreaking solutions its customers deserve.

The AI landscape is moving fast. It’s time for Salesforce to catch up, not just with trust, but with true innovation. The world is watching, and the expectation is clear: less talk, more action.

See you next month!

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