#065. 4 Features SFMC users don’t actually use!

Hey Smart Marketers,

Did you see all these LinkedIn posts about TypeFace Content Block?

I’m sure you did… they’re all over any Marketing Cloud professional feed.

You know what I thought when I saw them?

I thought: “can we access these AI features without using the Content Block?”

And then, it struck me: Salesforce actually believes we’re using Content Builder!

So, I made a list of these things we don’t use…

1.    Lists

The Underlying Issue: Lists in SFMC are meant for simple use-cases. No transactional data. Every one of us uses Data Extensions, which provide greater flexibility, scalability, and advanced functionality. This preference indicates a need for more dynamic and robust data management options within SFMC.

2.    Content Builder –  Content Blocks

The Underlying Issue: SFMC’s Content Builder, while great for basic content creation, falls short for users seeking advanced personalization. This leads many to turn to external tools like Parcel.io or Dartagnan, especially in France. These platforms offer enhanced flexibility and creative control, allowing for more intricate personalization, which is then imported back into SFMC.

3.    Default Preference Center

The Underlying Issue: The out-of-the-box preference center in SFMC often fails to meet the diverse needs of different audiences. Its lack of deeper customization options pushes users to develop custom preference centers tailored to their specific business goals and customer insights, bypassing the default option for something more fitting. And it’s ugly.

4.    Analytics Builder

The Underlying Issue: Analytics Builder in SFMC can be overwhelming or insufficient for certain users’ specific data analysis needs. As a result, they often integrate other analytics tools that offer a better match for their data visualization and reporting requirements, highlighting a gap in SFMC’s native analytics offerings. Marketing Cloud Intelligence is an answer but so expensive…

There you have it – four areas where Salesforce Marketing Cloud shows its limitations, prompting users to seek alternatives.

See you next week!

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